Foreign  Language  Educators  of  NorthEast  Florida

2018 FLENEF Summer Conference

Resources, Documents and PowerPoint Presentations from FLENEF Summer Conference 2017:

Pablo Martinez - Extreme Textbook Makeover and Authentic Performance-Based Tasks


Claudia Elliott - Authentic Resources for Extreme Learning

Elena Wigelsworth and Myra Johnson - Making It Extremely Sticky and Through the Looking Glass: Facing the Jabberwocky of Language Acquisition

Carmen Thies - Building Cultural and Linguistic Proficiency through Authentic Text

Annamarie Tijerino

Melissa Cash - TPRS and You!
TPRS and You workshop notes

Nancy Valdes and Jacki Cinotti - Extreme Strategies for Classroom Management and Positive Classroom Discipline

Nancy Valdes - Let's Talk about Comprehensible Input

Linda Dennis - Setting up for Success in the Target Language

Nitza Palomino - Project-Based Learning

Alonna Walsh - Extreme Classroom Management Makeover

Rachel Lucas - How to Create Digital Portfolios

Jackie Bronkie - How to Set up Your Classroom for Staying in the Target Language and Comprehensibility